Energy Efficient Lighting

New technologies like LED are lighting the way toward sustainability and we can plug you into them. For business and residential properties, energy efficient lighting is a great first-step for any sustainability project. It’s a relatively simple upgrade with exponential benefits since it reduces the load required for other systems, such as HVAC, which can make your energy cost savings more significant than just your lighting bill.

The electricity used over the lifetime of a single incandescent bulb (traditional light bulbs) costs five-to-10 times the original purchase price of the bulb itself.

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs have revolutionized energy efficient lighting and Evolvelectric has expertise in both technologies and advises customers on the different applications of these light bulbs and guides them toward preferred solutions.

The benefits of LED light bulbs are many, and include:

Energy efficiency: LED light bulbs use about 1/3rd to 1/30th the energy of incandescent or CFL bulbs

Mercury free: no mercury is used in manufacturing LED bulbs

Long lasting: LED bulbs last up to 10 times compact fluorescents and far longer than typical incandescent bulbs

Cool: LED bulbs do not cause heat build-up and produce fewer than 5 btu’s per hour, compared with 85 btu’s per hour with incandescent bulbs

For energy efficient commercial lighting in the Bay Area and Marin County residential LED Lighting, Evolvelectric has the solutions for your business or home.